What if you could feed people a high quality protein that requires less water, fewer resources, and minimal labor compared to traditional livestock? What if producing that same protein emitted significantly fewer greenhouse gases? At MIGHTi, we believe edible insects are the answer.

Yes, that’s right…farming insects! The edible insect industry, as well as the practice of eating insects (entomophagy) is growing globally – and we aim to be leaders in promoting insects as a sustainable protein source.

But despite the known benefits of edible insects, and their promise as a sustainable protein souce, the how of supporting and ramping up production is still largely under-explored. Research is needed to explore the realistic feasibility of farming insects under various conditions, as well as the food safety edible insects and the health impacts of consumption.

We are diving in to these questions, rolling up our sleeves, and attempting to answer complex questions about edible insects to generate evidence-based strategies for using insects to promote global health. Please explore our website and read a little more in Current Projects to learn more.